Welcome to the 2021-2023 Academic Year

Academic life

Every aspect of supporting you while you are a student at the IIMS, Kolkata from your online profile to your Mentor tutor. You will be welcomed on your very first day through our orientation activities including campus tour and meeting with the faculty. The timetable of regular classes and identity cards will be provided by the institute on arrival in IIMS. During your first week in IIMS, you will receive all information and resources about your academic matters including information about Library, Seminar, Lab facilities, industry visits, etc. The institute aims to support you by every means to have a great transition in your academic and post-academic career.

Curriculum, assessment, and exams

Choosing courses, where to find assessment and exams information, getting advice on academic matters, and information about academic appeals and Special Circumstances processes.

Hybrid teaching

While physical distancing measures continue, you’ll receive your teaching via on-campus and digital learning. Hybrid teaching covers courses and programs that can be taken by on-campus and off-campus students. This means some of your classes and teaching will take place in-person, on our campuses, and some will continue to be delivered digitally.

On-campus learning

While most of our lectures are being delivered digitally, we are offering other elements face-to-face wherever possible, such as seminars and Grooming Sessions. This means that we will have our buildings open for use wherever that is possible while following the latest physical distancing guidelines. We will continue to increase our on-campus provisions as Covid-19 restrictions ease. Your Institute will be able to provide you with further details on what your teaching experience will look like.