Counseling Cell

Counselling and Career Guidance Cell

The Counselling & Career Guidance Cell, is an integral part of IIMS, is a student support service intended to help students adapt and make the best of their learning environment.

College is a time of transition, change and new experiences for students. Among college bound individuals, a constellation of stressors is frequently experienced. Stress may arise from challenging course loads, problems in managing ones’ time and personal finances, tension related to examinations and challenges in creating and maintaining satisfying interpersonal relationships; potentially leading to increased levels of depression, anxiety, academic failure and emotional exhaustion.

However, successful negotiation of this transition has been linked to better psychological adjustment, fewer risk behaviours and academic success. Counselling provides students with such successful conciliation during this transition period. The Counselling Cell also helps the student to gain insight into his/her area of interest, aptitude, personality, anxiety etc.

Students can come for counselling on any matter that might be troubling them. Some of the common problems among the college students are as follows:

Inherent Challenges

  • Poor study skills/Time management.
  • Difficulty in adjusting to college.
  • Exam Stress.
  • Low attendance
  • Choice of specialization
  • Poor listening / Communication ability
  • Difficulty in following class lectures

Career Related Deficiencies

  • Confusion regarding choice of career
  • Higher Studies
  • Career Oriented – Professional courses

Personal Issues

The students also feel the sudden increased autonomy over personal issues during this transition period. At times this freedom from parental control leads to several personal problems including frequent absenteeism in college, excessive influence of friends, attraction and problems associated with opposite gender. The personal problems also generate from the followings:

  • Loneliness/Depression
  • Stress/Anxiety/Handling Anger
  • Thoughts of suicide
  • Relationship problems within or outside family
  • Addiction (of any kind)
  • Negative thinking or low self-esteem/ self confidence
  • Conflict with friend/Handling peer pressure
  • Adjustment Problem

Counselling service provides a confidential environment where the students can express themselves relating to problems that may be painful or uncomfortable. Counselling helps the student to explore the situation and find solution or answer for a problem. Through counselling an attempt is made to assist the student to organize himself/herself better, to attain a more satisfying and resourceful way of living. The Students’ Counsellor who is the coordinator of the cell, may be contacted at