Continuous Development Wing

Conference, Industry Interactions & Management Development Program

Workshops & Conferences

We, at IIMS constantly attempt to engage our students & faculties, in various Workshops and Conferences; happening across India and Globe, so that we can enrich their experiences and help them building global network leveraging their career.

Management Development Program

Management or executive development is an organised and planned process and programme of training and growth by which individual students or executives at each level of management hierarchy gains and applies knowledge, skills, insights and attitudes to manage workers and the work organisations effectively. The Management Development Programme (MDP) of IIMS, is uniquely designed to build your capacity so that You can lead your future organisation into the Next Level of Growth. It will challenge your views about management, expand your horizons, and enhance your understanding of the relevance and will enhance & give impetus to Your role in Your Future Organisations.

Industry Experts Visits and Interactions with Students

At IIMS, it’s a continuous process to develop the Soft & Hard Skills of our students through 360 degree development, by Industry Connect and Industry Experts visits and keeping them ahead of competition through updated knowledge and Industry knowhow.